…I am…

Eating Cheddar Cheese Pringles, and they remind me of family vacations as a child. I remember always eating cheddar cheese Pringles, banana Laffy Taffy, and Slim Jims. As I sit here eating these Pringles, my mind vividly takes me back to the living room of our beach house sitting on the leather couch in my sandy bathing suit curled up with my mom, dad, Mema, or Papa. Those were the days, and oh how I yearn to experience days like that again.

Drinking the best drink ever invented…Caffeine Free Diet Coke. Yum.

Wishing that Saturday would get here. This is such a crazy busy week for WCS. We have the Spring Program and Fundraiser Friday evening and that same night I have to submit our yearbook to the printing company. So much work and stress left on both things, but after Friday night I can relax a little! Also, on Saturday evening Lyle and I get to have a pizza and game night with one our teens and her family! We can’t wait for this fun evening.

Loving Lyle. God really blessed me with a patient, loving, and hard-working husband. Due to the aforementioned stress of this week, I must shamefully admit that I have not been very kind this week. But Lyle has loved me and helped me with whatever I need in spite of my attitude and frustration.

Dreaming of wonderfully deep sleep. I have had a bit of trouble falling asleep this week. Usually, I fall asleep right away when I go to bed, but this week sleep has not come so easily. As a result I am very tired. The best dream I could have right now would be to dream 🙂

What are you currently up to? I would love to know, so leave me a comment!



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