Moments that Matter Mondays: Week 1

Moments That Matter Mondays

Every Monday I would like to share with y’all moments that mattered and provided special memories from the previous week. God constantly blesses me with precious moments that matter – moments that bring me smiles, laughs, joy, and peace.

Moment 1: Leading worship on Sunday. The congregation sounded great, and it was one of the most fun times of worship I have ever had. (I will have to tell y’all more about it in another post, so keep your eye out for another post really soon.)

Moment 2: Playing games with Lyle all weekend. Lyle and I spend a lot of time watching shows on Netflix or watching movies, which is good because we really enjoy that time together. We use that time to cuddle up on the couch, and because we are both geeks we spend a lot of time discussing those shows and movies (i.e. Doctor Who, Top Gear, Survivors, Bones, Parks and Recreation, etc.). We enjoy that time together, but there are other times when we choose to do other activities like we chose to do this past weekend. We spent a ton of time playing Texas Hold’em, Monopoly Deal, and Flux, and we had so much fun!

Moment 3: Playing Catchphrase with the youth group. On Wednesday night, Lyle and I hosted our mid-week growth group meeting at our house. We discussed the story of Queen Esther and then we played games. Part of the group played Nintendo Land on the Wii and part of the group (the cooler part ;)) played Catchphrase. I love making memories with the teenagers in our youth group; they are an amazing, fun group of guys and gals!

Moment 4: Lyle and Daisy cuddling next to me in bed. Look at that picture below – how could that not be a moment that mattered this week? 🙂

“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it,” Psalm 118:24.

What are some moments that mattered to you this past week? I would love to hear about them!


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