…I am…

Watching: Oblivion. Lyle and I just went to see this movie on our date night, and I was disappointed in it 😦 Oh well, not every movie can live up to my expectations.
Looking forward to band practice tomorrow with the youth band. We are leading worship this Sunday morning for the church. Yay! I love being able to praise our wonderful Savior with our church.
Growing: tired of the cold weather here. I am so ready for summer – sunshine, green trees, backpacking, sitting on our deck reading a book, and BBQs.
Riding: Yesterday, I was one of many chaperones to our school’s field trip to the Clark Planetarium in Salt Lake City. To get there we rode the Frontrunner Train. (I know yesterday isn’t exactly “currently”, but I really wanted to share this) It was the first time I had ever been on a train, and I had to do it while watching and worrying about 62 kids and keeping them calm and quiet. Although it was a bit tiring, it was so much fun! Here is a picture of part of our group that one of the parents took. We were a very large group of 80 people :).
Reading: Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver. This is the second book to the Delirium Trilogy. This trilogy is about a girl in a dystopian society where love is the most feared disease that anyone can catch. The government has developed a cure for love and everyone must have the procedure that cures them on their 18th birthday. Up until the age of 18, it is illegal for boys and girls to interact with the opposite gender unless they are family or already cured. 17-year-old Lena, the main character, is excited about getting the cure until the day that she meets Alex. I loved the first book in the series, and I am excited to see where this second book takes the story.
What are you currently up to?



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