I am…

Entertaining myself by watching Red Dawn. Lyle and I went to see this movie in theaters a while back, and I was pleasantly surprised by it. So tonight we went to Graywhale and bought it to add to our movie collections. If you haven’t seen this movie and you like action, war movies, you should check it out (it is currently in Redbox).

Holding tightly to my trust in God. Right now my church, Summit Chapel, and the school I work at (Wasatch Christian School) are in need of funding. We know that God will provide, and we also know that we need support – both financially and prayerfully – from other churches and Christian individuals. Please pray for Summit Chapel and Wasatch Christian School.

Building up the motivation to clean my house tomorrow. It is truly in a disgusting state, and I need to stop being lazy and actually clean tomorrow. That is the goal I have set for myself 🙂

Smiling at my sweet kitty cat curled up asleep purring.

Frowning about how cold it has been this week. It hasn’t been frigid like the winter, but it was in the 40s and I am so ready for warm weather.

What are you currently up to?



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