April Resolutions

April ResolutionsFor a while now I have been reading Kelli’s blog She Learns As She Goes. Each month she posts monthly resolutions that she tries to keep. This month I thought I would give this idea a try, so I sat down and came up with some goals that I thought were reasonable. Here we go!

Finish School Yearbook:

I am the secretary at an awesome Christian elementary school (Wasatch Christian School) and this year I have the honor of designing the yearbook. The book has to be sent in as print ready on April 26th, so obviously I have to have it complete. What I mean with this goal is that I want to finish it well. I want the yearbook to be awesome. I don’t want it to be thrown together haphazardly, but rather I want it to flow nicely, have the best pictures possible, and be a yearbook that people (students, parents, and staff) desire to look at over and over again.

Read at least one book:

I know that doesn’t seem hard, but I tend to choose watching something on Netflix over reading.

Go through my clothes and donate everything that I don’t wear anymore:

I have so many clothes that I never wear. In fact my dresser drawers are overflowing with clothes that no longer fit or I just really don’t like wearing anymore. It makes it really hard to find clothes that I actually want to wear. So this month I want to minimize my clothing collection.

Be more organized with youth group events:

My husband is the youth pastor of Summit Chapel, and most of the time this ministry requires me working as well. His youth ministry is really our ministry. We both like being involved in our youth ministry. A lot of times, planning events falls on me. Between the two of us, I am the more organized spouse. However, lately I have dropped the ball with being organized with youth group events, service projects, etc. I want to come up with a system that keeps me from putting things off until the last minute when it comes to planning youth group activities.

Blog at least once a week:

Before today, it had been months since I had been on here and posted anything. Hopefully, setting this goal will help me do better with this.

Those are my April Resolutions! We will see how this goes!


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