Boondocks Fun – October 7, 2012

I really should have put these on here sooner…but oh well. Here are some pictures from a few weeks ago when the youth group went to Boondocks Fun Center: (Just click on a picture to make it bigger)

After church on Sunday, Lyle and I took the youth group to Boondocks to reward our teens for going above and beyond on their service project of raising money for the Pregnancy Care Center of Ogden. We played tons of laser tag, bowling, go-karts, and bummer boats. We also spent a lot of time in the arcade. At the end of the day we pulled all of our tickets that we won in the arcade together and bought a lava lamp for the youth room.

That’s a good-looking youth group, isn’t it? Lyle and I loved hanging out with our group of awesome teens, and everyone had so much fun!



2 thoughts on “Boondocks Fun – October 7, 2012

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