Backpacking in North Canyon


A couple of weeks ago Lyle and I went on an overnight backpacking trip in Bountiful. We had so much fun hiking North Canyon Trail. In the southeast corner of Bountiful, the North Canyon Trail climbs from the foothills to forests overlooking the Great Salt Lake. It was very serene and beautiful. We started our hike on North Canyon Trail on Friday evening after we both got off work and followed the trail as it climbed up to Rudy’s Flat. We set up camp right before sunset.

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Our little campsite. We had tons of fun on the North Canyon Trail and camping at Rudy’s Flat.
Here, Daisy getting ready for bed in her part of the tent. She was extremely unsure of being cooped up in such a small space, but she ended up doing well with it.
This is our beautiful view as we hiked along the trail toward Rudy’s Flat.
We all stopped to have a little snack on our way down the trial on Saturday.



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