Consistently Drawing Near to God


About three months ago mine and Lyle’s first cat (pictured above) disappeared. We searched every where for her for days. I called and went to every animal shelter in the area, but never found her. Our calls and searching went in vain, and we didn’t find her. For three months now, we have believed that our beloved “first child” was dead – that is until two weeks ago. A couple of weeks ago we got a phone call from a gentleman informing us that he had our cat. We were very surprised to receive this phone call and even more excited to have our “daughter” back!

That night as she got reacquainted with us, the other two pets, and the house, Kris-P refused to leave our sides. If we were sitting down, she was on our laps. If we left the room, she followed. She acted as though she genuinely missed us and wanted to spend every second as close to us as possible. Yet now that Kris-P has been home for a couple of weeks she has returned to her old standoffish self. When we are on the couch she prefers to lay on the ottoman or the chair on the other side of the room instead of on our laps. She choices to sleep on the bench at the end of the bed instead of pressed close to my legs. Kris-P has fallen back into her comfort zone and old, independent routine, and she no longer needs our closeness for comfort.

I share all of this for a reason – Kris-P’s behavior got me to thinking about my relationship with God. Kris-P’s desire to be as close to me as possible reminds me of all of the times where I have needed God’s provision, guidance, comfort, and strength. You know those times I am talking about – the valleys in life where you realize you are too weak to handle life alone. It is in those valleys where I have always felt closest with God. In those times I have drawn close to Him and spent more time with Him. I have acted like Kris-P when she first came back home – sitting in His lap, pressing as close to Him as possible, and following Him where ever He led.

However, Kris-P’s independence reminds me of my relationship with God in all of the other times in my life. You know those times I am talking about – the peaks; the sun shiny times where all is well and things couldn’t be going any better. It is during those times where I have seemed to slowly slip away from God. Our relationship always seems to fade a bit. In those sunny times, I have fallen into my comfortable routine and allowed other things to take priority in my life. As a result, I have felt as though God just isn’t as close as He should be, but that is only because I haven’t made Him my number one priority. Instead of following Him where ever He leds, I stay where I am comfortable.

Isn’t it funny how we Christians tend to do this? We only really follow Him when we really need Him. When things are going well we think that we can handle it without Him and follow our own plan instead. In the good times we rely on ourselves rather than on God, and as a result we spend less time with Him in prayer and in His Word. This causes our relationship with Him to fall to the wayside, and we grow farther from Him.

James 4:8 says “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.” I want to consistently draw closer to God, rather than only in the times where life is hard.


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