Kid’s Day!

This past weekend we had a Kid’s Day for the Children’s Church age group on Saturday.  We had about 7 kid’s show up and they all seemed to have a blast. One of the children even asked if we could have another day next Saturday 🙂 .  The day was filled with games, food, and a lesson. We played Crab Soccer and Hocker (I will explain all of these below).

Hocker is a mix between Ultimate Frisbee and Lacrosse. Each player gets a Hocker jug (pictured above) and can only use that jug to touch the ball. The only player that can touch the ball with any other part of their body is the goalie. Once a player catches the ball with the Hocker jug that player cannot move anymore. Players pass the ball down the court with the jugs. Hocker is very fun!

Sorry these are so blurry, but I forgot my camera and only had my phone which doesn’t do the best action shots.

Crab Soccer is pretty self explanatory. Players play soccer crawling around like a crab. 🙂 It is a very tiring game.
A very blurry picture of Crab Soccer. Every time I tried to take a picture they would move 😦
Crab Soccer!

The lesson was about Daniel. We started the Billy Graham series of  Dare to be a Daniel that encourages tweens to be bold for Christ.

It was a great day of fun!


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