Fruitful Discussions

But the goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. For some men, straying from these things, have turned aside to fruitless discussion, wanting to be teachers of the Law, even though they do not understand either what they are saying or the matters about which they make confident assertions.
– 1 Timothy 1:5-7

As Christians we are all teachers of God’s Word. We will all have to explain something from the Bible to friends and family at some point in our lives. Even if you do not hold an official title of teacher at your church, you are still a teacher to those around you who may have questions.

For all of us teachers, official or unofficial, these verses are vitally important to guard in our hearts. If we are going to be teachers of God’s Word, whether it be to children, teens, or adults, we need to do our best to understand what we are teaching so that we can be confident in our assertions. This means that we need to do a better job of really diving into God’s Word and soaking up what it is saying.

Now I know that we will not always have the answers to the questions people may have about God and His teachings, but if we truly seek His wisdom I think we will surprise ourselves at what we can absorb and what He will reveal through the Word He has already provided us. Actually, I know we will be surprised because Proverbs 2:2-6 assures us:

Make your ear attentive to wisdom, Incline your heart to understanding; For if you cry for discernment, Lift your voice for understanding; If you seek her as silver
And search for her as for hidden treasures; Then you will discern the fear of the LORD and discover the knowledge of God. For the LORD gives wisdom; From His mouth come knowledge and understanding.


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