Winter Rally

This weekend Lyle and I hung out with the teens at the Pioneer Bible Camp Winter Rally.  The rally started on Friday at 7 pm and lasted through Saturday at about 1 pm.  We had 7 teens decide to attend the rally this year, which is more than last year when only 2 of the teens attended. Our youth group had a good time hanging out playing games, worshiping, and learning more about God’s word.

On Friday night when arrive at the Kaysville Bible Church in Kaysville, UT, we registered and then attended the first worship service of the weekend.  At the service we sang some songs and then listened as the speaker, RG Murray, gave part 1 of his sermon, “Turn Your Upside Down.”  In his sermon, Mr. Murray discussed several Biblical truths that will change the teens worldviews.  Some of these truths included:

  1. God created the world.  He is the creator of all things.
  2. God created the world perfect, but Adam and Eve brought sin into the world when they disobeyed Him and ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
  3. Humanity has an enemy – the devil.
  4. Humans are self-centered.
  5. Humans are the creation of God, therefore we were made to serve Him, not ourselves (no matter how much we wish it was about serving ourselves).
  6. Humans are born sinners
  7. Jesus was and is the only sacrifice good enough to cover that sin.
  8. Jesus was willing to die; He was not forced to give His life.
  9. Humans can have a restored relationship with God, through that sacrifice.
  10. It is important to share this message of Jesus with those we meet.

After the evening service, we ate dinner, pizza, and had some free time to let the students get to know other students from different youth groups.  We then headed to a local gym where we played several interesting games, including Hocker and a Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge.  If you are wondering what Hocker is let me explain (because before last night I had no idea what Hocker was either).  Hocker is a team sport that is sort of a mix between Hockey and Ultimate Frisbee.  In Hocker each player holds a milk jug that has been cut in half.  Team mates then have to work together using only the milk jug to make the plastic balls into their opponent’s net. Here are some pictures of Hocker:

Another activity the students participated in was called Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge.  This activity included several challenges – there were trivia challenges, math challenges, eating competitions, and other silly activities that do not really fit in a category :).

Tic-Tac-Toe Challenge Score Board
2 students from each team had to beat the other side at opening a Twix bar and eating the entire thing without using their hands.
This Twix Challenge took a little time....
and effort...
The Lipstick Challenge used 2 students from each team, a boy and a girl. The boys had to put lipstick on the girls. The catch was the lipstick was attached to the end of a long stick. The first duo to complete the task (covering all of the lips) was the winner.
One of our teen boys was the winner of the Lipstick Challenge!
In this challenge, the competitors had to put a latex glove on their heads. At the end of the timed challenge, the person that blew up their glove the biggest using their noses won...Don't worry, they didn't cover their mouths, only their noses. They could still breath.

After the gym activities we headed back to the church.  Much to the adults delight, lights out followed.  The guys slept in the church gym and the girls took over a couple of classrooms on the other end of the building.  Saturday morning we started the day with a big breakfast of eggs, pancakes, sausage, and orange juice.  Following breakfast we had another worship service where we sang songs and heard part 2 of Pastor Murray’s sermon.  We then headed to Boondocks, where the students and the leaders spent the rest of the day til 1 pm playing laser tag, racing go-karts, mini-golfing, bowling, and playing arcade games.

Let the races begin!
Summit Chapel Teens getting ready for the ultimate Go-Kart race 🙂
We chose to race on the slick track so we could drift.
Our Go-Kart Champion!
I know it is super blurry...but still a little cool.

After Boondocks, we all headed home for some much-needed rest.  It was a great weekend of fun with other Christian teens in the area!


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