I think they emptied their closets…

This morning Lyle and I met with a couple of the teens to sort and deliver all of the clothes we collected during our clothing drive. We met at 10 o’clock and began dividing up all the clothes that were piled up in the youth room. We definitely all agreed that the time had arrived to get the clothes out of there; after all the youth room had begun to look more like a trash dump than a classroom with all of the trash bags filled with clothes laying around.

After sorting the clothes into women’s, men’s, kids, and baby clothes we ended up with a count of 1,152 articles of clothing! We then loaded up everything into Lyle’s Xterra to take it to the shelter. However, we ran out of room in his truck and also had to pile bags and boxes of clothing into my car.

Here are some pictures to prove I’m not exaggerating 🙂






When we arrived at the Ogden Rescue Mission several guys came out to help us unload. They were very surprised at the amount of clothes we had. As I was carrying a bag of clothes to the storage area I overheard two of the gentlemen discussing our donation saying, “I think they emptied their closets!” This made me laugh. It made me proud of our teens for getting the word out about the clothing drive and organizing it, and it made me proud of our church family for taking the time to “empty their closets” for the donation.

Thank you to everyone at Summit Chapel that helped make this possible! Your donations were definitely appreciated!


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