Growth Groups

Tonight marked the beginning of our church, Summit Chapel’s, mid-week growth groups using the D6 curriculum.  D6 is a curriculum that focuses on the importance family in a child’s spiritual life.  “D6 stands for Deuteronomy 6:5-7 which commands dads and moms to take everyday opportunities to impress God’s Word upon the hearts of their children. D6 is foundational to raising spiritual champions for Christ,” says the D6 website.  This responsibility to impress spiritual values on children in everyday life and situations does not only apply to parents, but grandparents, mentors, and family-friends as well.

As a church we are working together on this D6 curriculum; the children’s church classes, the teens, and adults will study the same topics each week.  The mid-week small groups are a time for families in the church to meet together and talk about that week’s topic.  Hosts of these groups will present that week’s topic as more of a discussion forum, rather than a “sit and listen to me teach” format.  There are growth groups meeting on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights.

Lyle and I host the Monday night group, and tonight we had our first meeting.  We had six people in our group, not including Lyle and myself, with ages ranging from 9 to 73.  Although you may be thinking that that wide of an age range would not work well together, but it went very well.  The oldest lady in our group does not even go to our church, but wanted to come to these new growth groups, and I am so excited to get to know her.  The other members of our growth group include two of our youth group members (neither one of whom attend our church on Sunday mornings, but choose to come to our youth group on Sunday nights of their own volition), and the Basham family.  This couple is in their 50s and raise their 9 year-old grandson.

Tonight was more of a get to know you session, and everyone in our group really seemed to enjoy the time.  We played the “Two Truth and a Lie” game, where everyone must share two truths about themselves and a lie and it is up to the group to figure out which one of the statements is the lie.  I learned a lot about the individuals in our group that I did not know.

Lyle and I are very excited for this new growth group time and for the opportunity for such an eclectic group to come together and fellowship as the body of Christ.


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