Pursuing Peace

Psalm 34:14 says:

14 Turn from evil and do good;
seek peace and pursue it.

To pursue something means to chase after it.  People do not pursue something or someone unless they really want it.  I remember back before Lyle and I even started dating, I would spend any free time I had (and often times the “free” time I did not have; time that should have consisted of studying :)) to “pursue” Lyle.  By this I mean I would go to the student center and waste my time sitting around there in hopes that he would pass through and see me.  Now, I know this sounds pathetic, and well, I guess maybe I am, but he was sooooo cute :).

After we were engaged, I discovered that Lyle did the same thing.  He to would go to the student center during his free time in hopes of running into me.  We both purposefully  set aside time to actively pursue one another.

This verse teaches me that obtaining peace is not different.  We must pursue it; we must actively chase after the peace that comes from God and make a point to find it and keep it.  This week I want to make a point to purposefully pursue peace.  I want to be content in the situation that face me.  Let’s see how it goes!


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