LONG Overdue Update

Hey all, sorry I haven’t written in forever. I got out of the habit and it has been hard to get back to it. Now…where to begin…in December we had a Christmas party and on New Year’s Eve/Day we had a Lock-in for 4th-12th graders. Everyone seemed to have lots of fun at both events. I posted the pictures from those events on Facebook and in our Flicker account. To see those pictures you can get to the Flicker account by clicking on the link in the margin under “Photo Journey.”

At the Lock-in, 14 youth and Lyle and I stayed up all night (7pm-7am). Of course we had to stay busy so that we did not succumb to drowsiness. To stay busy we played Wii, Xbox, board games, and Twister, and partook in our 1st Annual (possibly only annual :)) Gross Olympics. The Gross Olympics forced three teams to compete in messy, awkward, slightly disgusting games. The most unpleasant competition not surprisingly turned out to be “Pamper Your Pallet.” The parameters of this game included melted candy bars in diapers, and each team had to guess which tantamount treat was what. The team to guess the most candy bars correct won. Other competitions included in the Gross Olympics included the “Marshmallow Launch” – the launching of marshmallows from one’s nostril – the Creamed Whistle, and Duct Tape Heads. In the end one team won, but all who partook had fun.

In addition to these events Lyle, one youth, and I also participated in youth conference of sorts today. It’s called the Huddle-Up Conference where all the youth groups in the area come together for worship and a day of seminars relevant to the struggles of today’s teens. Some of the topics included bullying, gossip, world religions, evolution, suicide, and many others. They also provided sessions for youth workers and leaders. Those sessions were very encouraging to Lyle and I. I wish more than one of our youth could have attended these helpful sessions, but I am grateful for the one who took time out of his Saturday to grow in his relationship with God and learn from other youth leaders.

Once again sorry it has been so long. I tried to make this post short and sweet due to the time span in which I needed to cover. I will try to do better. If I don’t then please send me a comment or message condoning me for my laziness :).

Praise that a few more teens have begun to attend regularly. Pray for Lyle and I and the youth group as we try some new tweaks to our normal service routine in attempts to liven things up a bit. Also, pray for one of the girls in the group as major changes are happening in her life. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.


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