A Musical Mocking of Christianity

So normally I am a fan of the TV show Glee. However, this week’s episode left me sad, angry, and disappointed in the show, but even more so in our society.

Following is the link to watch the full episode, “Grilled Cheesus,” for yourself if you would like: http://www.fox.com/glee/full-episodes/

This episode was about religion. It starts off with Finn explaining that he has found God through a grilled cheese sandwich – first warning sign/mocking. Throughout the episode the issue of religious beliefs keeps popping up. We learn that two of the characters are Jewish, two are atheist, and 2 are Christian. However, in my opinion they are all caught in the post-modern relativism vice that our society is pushing.

Over and over again the characters mention that their religious choice is their sole opinion rather than absolute truth . In one scene three of the girls are praying at the hospital for a friends’ father. When questioned about their actions they say, “Rachel, Quinn, and I are taking turns [to pray]. We’re from different denominations and religions, so we figured one of us is bound to be right.” I wish America’s worldview would push past this “all faiths are good and right for someone” idea, and open their hearts to the worldview that there is one God who is the creator and sustainer of life and who loved us enough to die for us on the cross so that we might spend eternity with Him rather than in hell. Postmodern views infiltrate through every medium, including shows such as this episode to our children, teens, and adults.

I was happy with one scene in this episode. Sue (the cheerleading coach) goes to meet her older sister who has Down Syndrome. While visiting with her sister they have the following conversation:

Sue: Do you believe in God, Jeannie?
Jeannie: Do you?
Sue: No, I don’t
Jeannie: Why not?
Sue: (explains how God never answered her prayers for her sister to be like the other kids)
Jeannie: God never makes mistakes. That’s what I believe. Want me to pray for you, Sue?
Sue: Yeah, that would be nice.

I think this scene has something to say about the scripture that calls for us to have faith like a child. This character seems to be the only one in the entire episode to have genuine faith and belief in God.

Another part of the episode that bothered me was Finn’s “vending machine” take of God and prayer. Throughout the episode he prays to his grilled cheese sandwich because he believes it is his link to God. This is one of his prayers, “What up, Grilled Cheesus. I need to ask you something. I didn’t go to Sunday school, so I don’t know if God works the same as a genie and I only have three wishes …” Oddly enough, this scene did remind me that although I am praying to God and not a sandwich I too tend to constantly ask God for things that I want and forget to praise Him.

If you watched the episode what did you think?


One thought on “A Musical Mocking of Christianity

  1. Thanks for the compilation of posts about the episode and, of course, for your own thoughts on it. I think people misunderstood my analysis on Friendly Atheist. I was more distraught with the show’s portrayal of the religious characters than of their portrayal of Kurt; they gave his atheism (& Sue’s a fair look/shake), but the religious characters were, for the most part, portrayed as being entirely one-dimensional & without depth, pushing empty platitudes & refusing to engage in actual discussion beyond “…but! God! Believe!”

    And I, for one, very much liked the bit about being of different faiths, coming together & hoping that one of them “got it right.” I actually just wish they would’ve acknowledged that Kurt was allowed to think HE was right, too.

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