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Great news! The young men I spoke about in the prayer requests that had recently decided to quit coming to youth group showed up yesterday. I was so excited to see both of them at youth group yesterday. Thank you for your prayers!

We started youth group yesterday a little after six with five people. To start the meeting we played the Human Knot. In this game everyone stands in a circle and holds the hand of someone in the group that is not standing directly beside them. Everyone that participated in the game had a lot of fun. After the game Lyle and I had everyone anonymously take a Belief Assessment. Following is the assessment that the teens took.

  1. Is there one true God?
  2. Is Jesus the Son of God?
  3. Did Jesus rise from the dead?
  4. Is Satan real?
  5. Is the Holy Spirit real?
  6. Is God a loving, caring God?
  7. Is the Bible true and inerrant?
  8. Is there only one way to Heaven?
  9. Do all faiths (Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, Buddhism, etc) teach equally valid truths?
  10. Does absolute truth exist?

For each question they had the following answers to choose from: Yes, No, Unsure. Before they took the test we made it clear that they were to choose the answers they believed were correct. We did not want them to choose the answers they assumed we wanted them to pick.

Although I was not surprised by the results of the assessment, I was still saddened by them. One student (not necessarily the same student for each question) honestly answered that they were unsure if there was only one true God, if Jesus rose from the dead, and if God was a loving, caring God. All of the five students believed that Jesus is the Son of God and that the Holy Spirit was real. Two students were unsure if Satan was real. One student said that the Bible was not true and without error and two answered that they were unsure. The question concerning there being only one way to heaven had the same previous results. One student answered that he/she was unsure if all truth taught equally valid truths. Finally, one student was unsure if there was absolute truth and one student answered no. Lyle has his work cut out for him in teaching lessons in the week to come to help these students better understand these questions.

After the assessment Lyle taught a lesson on absolute truth. It went really well; the students opened up enough to ask questions and admit their confusion. Openly, one of the youth asked “But how do you know what is right?” I was so excited to hear all of their questions and to see that they were really thinking about the content being discussed. And Lyle did a fabulous job in answering their questions.

Please pray for this group of students as they seek the truth and answers in a culture that pushes relativism and denies absolute truth. Pray that those two young men will continue to come back to youth group.


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