Reality Check

Tonight I started reading a book by Josh McDowell entitled The Last Christian Generation. It is about how this generation is falling away from the church. He investigates this dilemma and offers suggestions into what needs to be done in better reaching the youth of today. Research has shown that between 69% and 94% of young people are leaving the traditional church after high school. That’s scary!

In the first chapter I read the following quote and really wanted to share it with you guys.

Yes, churches and families may present the truth of Christ to our young people, but most kids will interpret such presentations through the distorted prisms they’ve adopted from the culture around them. And unless we recognize how our kids process the gospel through these distortions – and then re-think how we introduce them to Christ – they may never understand or experience the true God who transforms lives! … The majority of our young people lack a relationship with spiritual mentors who are models of Christlikeness, and these youth are building their faith and lives on a false foundation – a distorted view of who Christ is, why he came to earth, and what the Bible and truth really are.

I think that this issue will be even more of a struggle for Lyle and I as we witness to this group of teens. In addition to the post-modern thinking that engulfs our culture and youth, we also have the imprint of the LDS church. The LDS church uses the same terminology as Evangelical Christians, but their terms have a completely different definition.  As we teach the youth we need to remember that their understanding of what we are talking about will be jumbled with post-modern and LDS interpretations.

Pray for us that God will help us present His truth in a way that they can understand and truly experience. Also, pray that we can be mentors that display true Christlikeness.


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