This past weekend Lyle and I went camping with a large group from the church. We had about 17 youth and 9 adults camp out Friday through Sunday. Everyone seemed to have tons of fun playing games and hanging out around the camp fire. The mornings and evenings were a little chilly especially on Friday evening when it rained.

On Friday, Lyle and I kicked things off with a game called Rat Tail. In this game each participant tucks a long piece of fabric (we cut up an old sheet) into their pants. Everyone runs around trying to step on everyone else’s tails and remove the tail  using only your feet. This game was great!

On Saturday morning, Lyle started the morning off with a short devotion on Romans 6:1-14. As a group we discussed what it meant to die to sin. Lyle explained that sin creeps into our lives everyday, even as Christians, therefore our sinful selves should die everyday and we should strive to live with Christ.

The youth participated in various games – but capture the flag proved to dominate in popularity. The group spent a majority of the day on Saturday playing capture the flag or some variation of it. Below are a couple of picture from White Wars which was the most popular capture flag variation. Instead of tagging, in white wars the players throw balls of toilet paper with flour inside at the other players. Lyle seemed to love the game almost as much as the teens. 🙂 On Saturday we also went swimming and had a sand castle building contest. Around the camp fire that evening we sang a few songs and had another short devotion.

Sunday was church on the lake. The entire congregation gathered at the lake and had a service, baptism, and cook out. Seven people were baptism! It was such a wonderful day of fellowship and celebration. What a great weekend! Tiring – yes – but Lyle and I built better relationships with the youth. Pray that we will continue to grow as a group.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

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