And we’re off!

Hey Folks! Lyle and I decided to create a blog, so that those who support us and our ministry can stay up to date. I will try my best to keep y’all inform on our latest endeavors every week or two. Thanks for your prayers and support as we embark on an exciting, difficult journey of reaching souls for Christ and discipling teens in the Ogden community to follow Him wholeheartedly.

This past weekend was a busy one! On Saturday some of us from Summit Chapel went to the annual Pioneer Day parade. Pioneer Day is an official holiday celebrated on July 24. It is a celebration of the settling of Latter Day Saints pioneers in certain regions of Utah. At the parade we passed out 3,000 bags of cookies with the church’s business cards attached as an outreach to the community. The parade is definitely a great opportunity to come in contact with a large number of the population. Although we passed out 3,000 cookies, we could have passed out at least double that amount and still not reached everyone in attendance at the parade.

We have been in Ogden, UT for roughly two weeks now and I have already discovered that this part of the country is indeed different from that of the south. Now this does not necessarily mean a bad different, just different. Folks around here don’t say yes ma’am or no sir. Folks around here are also more hesitant to accept gifts. As we passed out cookies people were hesitant to accept our free gift. Of course after saying, “They’re free; it’s just our way of saying have a great day,” people’s faces brightened and quickly took them.

On Sunday evening Lyle and I attended our first youth group meeting. We had a pizza party and a short “get to know you” session. Our evening was very laid back and we just spent a couple of hours playing games together. Lyle enjoyed playing bumper pool with a group of guys and I enjoyed playing pool and Sorry. Please pray for this group of teens and Lyle and I as we all adjust to changes and embark on a journey of growing together.


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